The Bob Guiney Band aka "Fat Amy"

Fat Amy was formed in 1994, and was an immediate fan favorite that grew more and more popular. Eventually, entering and winning a "KRQ Battle of the Bands" contest, which allowed the band to record their first album, titled "Ice Cream Headache". The album was a successful Independent release and allowed the band to begin touring the Midwest and the region more extensively - touring with more established acts.
In the mid 90’s, Fat Amy released a six-song EP on their own label titled Five-Way Switch. The EP included 5 new songs and a revamped version of the popular song, "Purple" which was featured on Capitol Records' Doc Marten CD Sampler, and led to them partnering with MCA
Music Publishing - and touring non-stop throughout the United States. This also led to Fat Amy working with AWARE Records based out of Chicago, showcasing the band on two of the labels' Compilation releases, and subsequently touring as a part of the AWARE Tour, which featured artists like The Verve Pipe, Vertical Horizon, Guster and more...
The band signed on with Rubber Records, a partnered launch with Capitol and London Records, and the label sent Fat Amy back into the studio with Tim Patalan, where they recorded 7 more songs. A full length Five-Way Switch was released. The album contained 12 songs, with the lyrics all penned by Bob, along with some help from his co-horts. Five way Switch received incredible reviews, and launched the band onto more non-stop touring...
"FA" continued to tour relentlessly, drawing crowds throughout the Midwest - and playing alongside several notable touring acts throughout the rest of the country... This ended up with "FA" drawing more increased attention from Major labels - and bigger touring opportunities. The relentless touring began to take its toll, and the band took a hiatus from performing & touring – as Bob moved into television.
The band, now simply known as "The Bob Guiney Band" or BGB for short (although Bob PREFERS "Fat Amy"), added guitarist Andy
Patalan (Sponge, Solid Frog, Throttlebody) and Joel Ferguson (The Verve Pipe, Miles To Mars, Papa Vegas) along with longtime bassist Matt Jackson and Tim Krukowski (Sponge) and once again went back into the studio. The new lineup retooled a few of the previously unreleased songs, a few songs from Five-Way Switch, wrote a few other new songs, and released the album "3 Sides" under the name of The Bob Guiney Band with the label Wind Up Records and went back on the road doing what they all love best.  The added exposure – and the release of “3 Sides”, landed the band on “The View”, “The Late Late Show” and many other venues.  
The band is now in the process of putting the finishing touches to an album of new material, and plans to release the album & begin touring this fall.

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 BG, Dave, Matt, Andy and Joel
Joel,  Andy, BG, Tim and Jeff aka Pico
Matt, Markus, Pico, BG and Kirk
Fat Amy through the years....
Bob Guiney can also be heard on the HOUSE MD Soundtrack along with his other band "BAND FROM TV's" hit CD "Hoggin All the Covers"
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